The Love Talk Program

LOVE, it is such an amazing feeling! Do you know what LOVE feels like?

What is your definition of LOVE?

Are you someone who's been searching for LOVE?

Have you been hurt by a breakdown of a personal or romantic relationship?

Have you given up on LOVE?

There are many more questions I can ask you but if you are here, you would love to know more about LOVE and where and how to find it. What most of us do not realize is that LOVE starts with us.

Most of us are running around looking for LOVE outside of our own world. We are looking for someone to LOVE us. Very often I hear people say, “If only [insert here] I’ll be loved.” or “If only I had [insert here] I’ll find LOVE.

Agree. My guess? We are talking about different things.

What if I told you that any type of LOVE starts with YOU? Yes, YOU! Not your romantic partner, not your family, not your friends. All YOU need is YOU to have LOVE.

When YOU establish that, the world of LOVE, any type of LOVE, will find YOU.

Of course now, YOU would love to know how. That’s simple. THE LOVE TALK program will help you.


THE LOVE TALK is a 6 (six) week online program that includes 3 (three) video lessons and 3 (three) LIVE Q&As.

Who is this program for?

This program is for any adult who is having a tough time understanding, finding, or maintaining love relationships with self, family, romantic partners, and/or friends.

What will I learn in this program?

You will learn about your definition of love and if it aligns with your current world. You will learn how by changing your relationship with yourself you will change the relationship with others in your world. You will learn that giving or receiving love starts with yourself. You will learn how to give and receive love. You will learn about many types of love and find the one for each situation in your world.

What does this program include?

Besides the lessons and live guidance via Q&A, you will receive the lessons notes (digital copy), a workbook (digital copy), a digital copy of my bestselling book “Happiness By You” and its workbook (digital copy).

As a bonus, you will also receive a 30-minutes 1-on-1 call with Olga after the completion of the program.

For additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Olga!

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What my clients are saying!

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Robbin Taggart Ottawa Fastener Supply
“Since I started working with Olga, I have not had any anxiety attacks. I look forward to our calls since I know that there always will be some positive breakthrough or outcome. It is amazing to know that there is someone who will listen to you without judgement and offer you a positive point of view no matter the situation. Olga has helped me greatly to move forward. I feel more confident in my social interactions. I recommend Olga to any men who are lost after the end of a relationship.”
Joseph Hass Success Coach/Web Designer
“Olga is a delight to work with. She took the time and put in the effort to understand what I was going through. She helped me clarify my thoughts when I was going through a difficult time. She helped me get back on track, identify my goals and we worked out a plan on how to achieve them. I would have no hesitation recommending Olga to any single men who feel alone after a breakup. She is the best person to get them back on track in a caring and nurturing way.”

Register Now For The Love Talk Program!