Olga Single Men Coach - The Unexpectedly Single


I am Olga, and I am here to help you. Why me? I’ve been there: brokenhearted, devastated, gutted; facing uncertainty and unknown; feeling like I was hit by a train; at a complete loss and unprecedented loneliness. Being unexpectedly single is not your choice, and it sucks!

So, why me, a woman, wants to help you, a man? As you might already know, there are subtle differences between a man’s and a woman’s behaviour, thinking and feelings. Some might argue but it is a physiological fact. You becoming unexpectedly single was triggered by one event. Yes, just one! However, there was a miss somewhere in your relationship for a while. As a man, you might have not noticed that. Why not you ask? Well, the actual fact that you are a man.

This is where I come in. I am a woman who initiated several unexpected breakups. How does this help you? It was not an easy task since breakups hurt people and derail lives. But in my case, I simply could not get through to my partners. So, I am here to help you understand your “whys” and “what ifs”. I am here to guide you through the grieving process. I am here to listen to you intently. I am here to help you discover your true self or re-discover yourself after a breakup. I am here to help you transition to the next chapter of your life. And we will learn all of these together from the woman’s perspective.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, let’s start with a chat. Just pick a date and time and you’re on your way. Looking forward to connecting with you!

With all the love,